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Founded in 1962 Ritrama is an Italian multinational company, widely considered to be a market leader in the design and manufacture of self adhesive materials with a product portfolio grouped into five main divisions - Roll Label, Graphics, Offset Sheet, Industrial and Polifibra.

From self adhesive materials in rolls to the ones in sheets, Ritrama products are used in different industries, from highly specialized to niche markets.

The organization has manufacturing facilities and logistics centres throughout the world.

The most important, which boast the latest technology for self adhesive materials, are located in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Chile and China.

Other slitting and distribution centres are located in Central and South America, in Central Europe, South Africa and China.

This structure combines a high degree of specialization in self adhesive materials with advanced systems of industrial automation, allowing local needs to be fulfilled, ensuring a “just in time” delivery and providing solutions for both standard and customized applications in the self adhesive industry.

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